January 2021 was a turning point in my life when everything seemed to crumble, and I realised my strength couldn’t save me. My thoughts were cloudy, and I had no hope in my future. I was willing to give up everything I have built at this point.

In April 2021, at my breaking point, my sister introduced me to Pastor Nishanth, through whom God spoke to me, and I developed a closer relationship with Jesus.

Throughout 2021, I isolated myself from the world, focusing on seeking God. My routine involved reading the Bible, working my day job, and dedicating evenings to my business.

In December 2021, I had the opportunity to travel to India to meet Brother Nishanth. We connected through fellowship and prayer, and I witnessed miracles and healings that left me in awe. My spiritual journey deepened as I sought to understand these experiences and I wanted to be part of this.

Compared to the earlier part of the year, my life had taken a complete U-turn for the better. I experienced mental and emotional healing, built unwavering faith in God, and found hope and grace. God blessed me with a new fulfilling job, a renewed vision for my business, and a growing understanding of my life’s purpose.

Being marvelled by the work God has done for me, I wanted my friends in UK & abroad to get clarity in their lives. This led us to establish The Mount of Olive Church, through which we small established a humble home church and an online phone line for people abroad to connect with the church. Some of you in this group have met me and have experienced God’s presence.

In 2022, we made significant strides. We established a home service that attracted people, organised various church events, visited numerous homes, prayed & ministered to people, and travelled over 1,000 miles to serve God. In 2022, we wholeheartedly served God, witnessing growth in people’s faith, transformative experiences, healing, and much more.

As our home ministry expanded, we recognised the need for a dedicated church space. In December 2022, our church was integrated into a permanent location.

Having returned to the UK to pursue my own ministry and business, I witnessed God’s incredible work within TMOOC. In June 2023, I visited India to witness firsthand transformation — from a small home gathering to a church filled with over 150 people. More importantly, it was a church filled with God’s presence and teachings.

Below is a video from the 7-day fasting service that happen as I just landed in India. Watch the video to get glims of how God is working with TMOOC.

Fasting & Prayers (6days) Recap Video |TMOOC|

I am here to share that God has given us a vision for The Mount of Olive Church

— A church to help heal broken hearts, by seeking God —

TMOOC teaching is based on the Bible foundation with Jesus in the middle. When one visits the church, they can expect to experience the presence of the holy spirit. Heal themselves and then go on to help others (as I have been able to).

As people find a home at The Mount of Olive Church, God has given us a purpose to serve many more people, with the home church in Banglore.

My reports and engagement in this group will provide insights into how God is working here and offer you the opportunity to experience and be involved in what I have been fortunate to be part of.

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